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January Birthdays

Kathy Leavitt, 1/7
Dan Varnum, 1/10
Kathy Kepke, 1/11
Marcos Martinez, 1/27
Julie Lagerwall, 1/29
Shannon Rodriguez, 1/30
Cheryl Daniels, 1/31

View from Space

Reseda High School was built for 5 million dollars with funds from a 1952 bond issue. Doors opened in September 1955 for 1550 sophomores and juniors. The school was designed to accomodate 2500 students.
Reseda covers 30 acres, parking for 650 cars, and a stadium with seating for 3000. Reseda was built to alleviate over crowding at other valley schools.

Jimmy Wayne Brannum

Jimmy Wayne Brannum, passed away on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2008 in Missoula, Montana. Services were held in Missoula.
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First Entry of 2008: Photo Club 1/5/2008

Reseda Photo Club got together at El Torito Grill in the Sherman Oaks Galleria.
We looked at old assignments, new and old snap shots.
El Torito Grill is good place to meet, it’s near the 101 and 405, food is reasonably priced.
We had one of our Reunion Meetings there.
Josie Edmonds, Daniel Shudo, Cheryl Daniels, Glenn Kurosaki, Joel Shine. Photo by Ellen Drell.
Josie’s “line breakdown” assignment while at Reseda, “meeow”.
Carnitas Burrito