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Message from Robin Stark Schober

“This herd of fillies will be racing to the 50th Bash at Hollywood Park. Care to wager who else might emerge from the Regent pack??”

March 1, 2009, Reseda BFFL

March 1, 2009, Reseda BFFL

SEASON’S GREETINGS from the BFFL, 12/13/08

Dona and Mike hosted the BFFL and guests. Good food, new friends, excellent conversation, and saw some cool animals.
Dona, Melinda, Julie, Debbie, Jeff, Daniel



BFFL, no it’s not a new football league, 10/12/08

I was invited to the gathering of BFFL or
“Reseda’s Best Friends For Lunch Club .” (a.k.a. “The Divine Lunches of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”).

Melinda Richman, Me, Debbie Mollner, Robin Stark, Dona Bunzel, Kelly Tyson, Julie Lagerwall. Photo taken 10/12/08 in socal.

We ate hot dogs, burgers, Debbie’s brownies, Julie’s potato salad, Melinda’s cookies, etc.

As I expected, it was loud. We exchanged past and present stories.
When I hear stories from our classmates about our Reseda days, it’s like I went to a different school. Learn something new every time we gather.
We went through the senior photos several times and wondered if some of the people actually attended Reseda or not.
And of course we talked about how much thinner we all were.

Thanks ladies, I had a great time.



…which stands for “Reseda’s Best Friends For Lunch Club .” (a.k.a. “The Divine Lunches of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”)

We met at the Sagebrush Cantina on Sunday, April 6th for brunch. We have tried to met each month since
the reunion and have been pretty successful meeting in October, November, January, February and April so far.
Our next meeting is planned for May. We have made a pact to stay connected and meet regularly because we
really enjoy each other’s company.

We have a great time. Someone (Kelly Tyson Montgomery, voted the club’s historian) usually brings old photo’s and
we reminisce about how young and thin we looked then and all the great times we had. We also catch up on everyone’s
life today, their hubbies and boyfriends, their kids, their animals, their jobs, their vacations, etc.

Robin and Debi Stark (her cousin and Class of 76) are getting ready to travel to Italy this month. How fun.

We will keep you posted and send more from our next meeting in May.

Debbie Mollner

Back: Robin Stark, Debbie Mollner, Debi Stark (76), Melinda Richman
Front: Kelly Tyson, Julie Lagerwall.
Photo courtesy of Robin Stark, taken 4/6/08, Calabasas.