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Many of our classmates are on facebook. Go to, search Daniel Shudo, and click “view friends” which lists my friends including Reseda Alumni. It’s FREE!!!!! I also created a Reseda High School Class of 1977 group on facebook, click the link below:

50th Bash Roll Call…..

June 20, 2009. I got to Hollywood Park (HP) around 1pm. I joined Debbie, Dona, Glenn, and Tammy at the Turf Club. I walked around for a while with my EOS and took photos around the track. It wasn’t crowded which made betting, ordering food, and getting around much easier.
Most of us did not know how to bet, so a HP handicapper gave us some tips.
We tried different strategies betting Across, Superfecta, etc. Net result, no huge winners.
In horse racing, you can bet small amounts over a long time so
you don’t lose a whole lot. My buddy Julie Lagerwall won on a horse called “TALKTOOMUCH”, mmmm
Julie and talk too much…..
We ate, drank, and chatted a lot.
It was good to see first timers at a Reseda Event, David Dutton and Shelton Hall. Classmates came from Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and all over California.
The area we sat was great for being able to walk around and mingle with everyone.
After the races, we sat and chatted some more. We headed over to have appetizers and drinks. We
had cheese, taquitos, chips, good stuff, and of course more talking.
Dinner was great. Roast Beef, Turkey, Pasta, Enchiladas, salads, and birthday cake for us. Robin Stark made decorations for the dining room.
Dona Bunzel’s son Chris was our DJ. We didn’t dance too much. We all left around 10pm.
We hope to see you at the next get together. Keep up with our classmates via Facebook. I have a facebook group called “Reseda High School Class of 1977”, check it out.

Who showed up:
Debbie Mollner
Dona Bunzel
Kelly Tyson
Tammy Graf
Robin Stark
Kerry Sparkman
Dawn Shifman
Nancy Sellers
Erin Kenney
Derilyn Johnson
Yvonne Solis
Ruby Escalante
Janis Wolinsky
Zerriet Johnson
Adele Horie
Francesca Castro
Dalila Paredes

Daniel Shudo
Glenna Kurosaki
Randy Farber
Jon Tsuchiyama
Michael Nikaido
Mike Koble
David Dutton
Hugh MacNair
Roger Ellison
Kevin Jackson
Shelton Hall
Charles Avery
Ron Casaubon
David Bashara
James Mellein
Jason Corbett
Jeff Tritt
David Ramirez
Scott Kutner

With guests, we had around 50.

I am still receiving photos so take a look at

Special thanks to Debbie and Dona.


Daniel Shudo
Reseda Class of 1977

50th Bash Pix

Thanks everyone for attending the 50th Birthday Bash. Classmates came from Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and all ove California.
See photos and videos at

50th Bash is next week June 20, 2009

The 50th Bash is next week.
All Reseda Alumni are Welcome.
Good food, fast horses, and great time with friends.

Some of the food which may be served:

Tortilla Chips
Salsa fresca, salsa verde, home made guacamole
Chicken Taquitos
Salsa fresca, sour cream
Port Salute, Brie & Bel Paece Cheeses
Dried fruit, crackers

Caesar Salad
Shaved parmesan cheese, garlic croutons
Bay Shrimp Cobb Salad
Louie dressing
Iceberg Wedge Salad
Grape tomatoes, red onions, crumbled blue cheese

Herb Top Round of Beef
Thyme au jus, creamy horseradish
Orange Glazed Turkey Breast
Pan gravy, cranberry compote
Rigatoni Pasta
Creamy parmesan cheese sauce
Honey Ginger Glazed salmon
Bok choy, napa cabbage, crispy noodles
Chicken Enchiladas
Cheddar, Monterey jack cheese
Vegetable Lasagna
Creamy spinach, garlic sauce

Garlic Mashed potatoes
Ginger Steamed Jasmine Rice
Roasted seasonal Vegetables

Chocolate Vanilla Sheet cake
Sliced Seasonal Fruit
Coffee, decaf, Iced Tea

June Birthdays

Scott Kutner, 6/5
Kathee Boyer, 6/6
Eric Marquez, 6/10
Kathy Chin, 6/15
Ellie Beldin, 6/20
Janet Moshin, 6/27
Jeri-dawn Youngblood, 6/28
Ray Hein, 6/29