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Debbie L’Etoile

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!


Happy Birthday Carol Finch!!!

If we were graduating today….


How to search for classmates within this blog

In the right column, at the very top, type in a classmate’s name, example: “Julie Lagerwall”, then hit search. Any articles or photos with Julie Lagerwall will appear. Type in “meetings”, and our minutes-notes from all of our meetings will appear. When searching for classmates, use maiden names. You can also search by first name or last name only. Also in the right column, click the various subjects under “pages, categories” etc. to go directly to those articles-posts.

About 60 of our classmates are on facebook. Log on to facebook, search for the group “Reseda High School Class of 1977”.

Finally 50.

I turned 50 this week. I remember when my older siblings turned 20, and I said to
myself “I’ll never be that old”. Duh….
It really doesn’t feel any different from when i turned 35 or 40.
I should get a colonoscopy, don’t worry I won’t video tape it and put
on this blog, facebook, or youtube.

I still have a very long list of stuff I need or want to do the next 50 years.
I went to see my favorite Reseda girl Julie.
Julie is very important to me, she cuts my hair and makes me laugh.
We both noticed how big my forehead is getting. “This space for rent” will
fit. I was telling Julie, I am 2 inches shorter and much wider than I was at Reseda.

Hope all is well wherever you are.

Daniel Shudo
438,000 hours old

Julie Lagerwall Riddell
17, 885 days old

ps Julie will not be turning 50 this year, she skipped a grade.
pps for a nice haircut and excellent conversation, make an appointment with Julie Riddell
at the Casablanca Salon in Sherman Oaks. Click the Casablanca link in the right column under venues-vendors. Oh, and ask Julie about real estate.
ppps Tom Whelpley, I still do not dye my hair.
photo 2/7/09 Sherman Oaks

February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Missy Mandel!!!!

February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Rhonda Hass!!!

Born in February

Nancy Sellers, 2/1
Rhonda Hass, 2/5
Daniel Shudo, 2/5
Missy Mandel, 2/7
Arturo Fierro, 2/8
Carol Finch, 2/17
Debbie L’Etoile, 2/19
Sherri Stouten, 2/20
Hugh MacNair, 2/25

February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Nancy Sellers!!!!