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March 7, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes by Glenn.

Reseda High Class of 1977 30th Reunion Committee
Meeting Notes

Meeting:March 7, 2007 Meeting

Attendance: Nancy Sellers, Roger Ellison, Daniel Shudo, Kathee Boyer, Jill Locasio, Michael Nikaido, Tammy Graf, Jon Tsuchiyama, Marietta Moyeda Sperry, Josie Edmonds Montanari, Randy Farber and Glenn Kurosaki

Meeting Site: Farber Consulting, Woodland Hills

First, a big thank you must go out to Randy for hosting this meeting and catering a terrific taco dinner. Next time we need to mix margaritas to complete the deal! Thanks also goes out to Nancy for bringing Jon a birthday cake!

Side Note: This week, the group picked up Roger Ellison and Marietta Moyeda Sperry.


First: Mailing List. Everyone with changes or new addresses delivered such to Glenn. Our contractor, the Reunion Committee is currently working on the next mailer and they are working on finding missing classmates and are revising the mailing list.

Second: After Reunion Get Together. Just as the reunion committee sponsored a class picnic at Balboa Park after the 20th reunion, the group discussed holding an after reunion picnic/brunch on the Sunday following the reunion. Discussion followed. At the previous reunion meeting and after visiting the Sheraton Universal, the group inquired about having a group brunch at the Sheraton Universal’s hotel restaurant. After some discussion, the group began to focus on hosting a picnic, much in the same manner as the one after the 20th. Randy volunteered to investigate the cost, if any, and the procedure of reserving a picnic spot at several different Valley area parks. Randy will also contact the hotel restaurant for cost information of their Sunday brunch.

A committee was formed to assist Randy. Michael Nikaido volunteered to help as he may have some ability to contact the city parks and recreation department through his position with the DWP.

Third:Committees: Discussion followed on the need for the committees to start working. The discussions turned on what additional activities could be incorporated into the evening’s program and how to improve on the program from the 20th reunion. The group discussed holding the awards ceremony during dinner and keeping this activity short and within 5 to 10 minutes and limiting the award to certificates only to be delivered to the individual winner (as opposed to having the winner come up to the stage). The raffle prizes will be given out following the awards ceremony. The group also discussed a new activity, a Reseda High 1977 trivia game focusing on trivia from our senior year. It was decided that instead of doing a game format, the committee would assemble numerous trivia questions and print them on sheets to be placed on tables throughout the dining room. Answers to the trivia will be printed on the reverse side.

The following committees were formed:

Memorabilia:Tammy, Kelly and Jill Tammy to Chair

Gifts and Prizes:Roger, Josie, and Jon Josie to Chair

Awards:Nancy and Marietta Nancy to Chair

Senior Year Slide Show: Dan to Chair

Trivia Game/Cards:Maybe Dona and Debbie?

Master of Ceremony: Jon and Tammy

Reunion Picnic/BrunchRandy and Michael Randy to Chair

The committee should be prepared to present a report during the next group meeting. Also, our contractor, the Reunion Committee should have an updated mailing list for our review by this next meeting.

Next Meeting:

7:00 p.m., May 9, 2007 at Farber Consulting, 21900 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills, California
Reseda Class of 1977 Reunion Committee.
Click on photo to enlarge, yes, it’s black and white.
From left to right, front: Randy Farber, Jon Tsuchiyama, Glenn Kurosaki.
Back: Daniel Shudo, Nancy Sellers, Tammy Graf, Josie Edmonds Montanari, Marietta Moyeda Sperry, Roger Ellison, Kathee Boyer, Jill Locascio, Michael Nikaido.
Photo taken: by Nancy Sellers, 3/7/07, Woodland Hills, CA.


Came across some Reseda Alumni.
Left to Right: Maria Yuzon (78), Sheridan Walker (78), Kris Kenney (79)
Click on photo to enlarge.
Photo taken 3/8/07. Glendale, CA.