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Eric Sokoloff

Eric Sokoloff sent me this photo. We cannot tell who’s in it. Eric says: “It’s the overlook just above/West of the Rock store on Mulholland Hwy 1977 +- a year or so.Sorry, that’s as good as it gets.The gang was heading to Carpinteria & this was the best of the shots I took but will attach all I have from that day/trip.”

Kinda looks like: Messner, Whelpley, Grahek, Discuillo.

March 6, 2010, Hawaii @ CSUN

Dona’s Bunzel Rawson’s son Matt Rawson, in the green, plays for the University of Hawaii Volleyball team. UH swept CSUN.

Shudo, Bunzel, Tyson, Lagerwall, Sparkman, Mollner, Nikaido (all maiden names)

Matt Rawson (blonde guy), 6-7 middle blocker for Hawaii, spikies over a 7 footer.

Jeff Tritt, Laura Spence Ryan, Kerry Sparkman Hallas, Debbie Mollner, Kelly Tyson Montgomery, Dona Bunzel Rawson, Dona’s friend Nancy

March Birthdays

Mary Benz, 3/9
Jon Tsuchiyama, 3/10
Yayoi Yokota, 3/27