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Reseda Wins!!!

Reseda 28, Monroe 21

Sue Cox

Sue was in town visiting. Had a nice time chatting about Arabian horses, Hawaii,
Prague, aches and pains, Japan, Texas, Washington, F-14, EA-6B…..

Photo: Sherman Oaks, 6/2/08.

30th Reunion Memory Book

In the column under “pages”, click “30th reunion portraits” to see photos
of our classmates and guests from September 8, 2007.


…which stands for “Reseda’s Best Friends For Lunch Club .” (a.k.a. “The Divine Lunches of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”)

We met at the Sagebrush Cantina on Sunday, April 6th for brunch. We have tried to met each month since
the reunion and have been pretty successful meeting in October, November, January, February and April so far.
Our next meeting is planned for May. We have made a pact to stay connected and meet regularly because we
really enjoy each other’s company.

We have a great time. Someone (Kelly Tyson Montgomery, voted the club’s historian) usually brings old photo’s and
we reminisce about how young and thin we looked then and all the great times we had. We also catch up on everyone’s
life today, their hubbies and boyfriends, their kids, their animals, their jobs, their vacations, etc.

Robin and Debi Stark (her cousin and Class of 76) are getting ready to travel to Italy this month. How fun.

We will keep you posted and send more from our next meeting in May.

Debbie Mollner

Back: Robin Stark, Debbie Mollner, Debi Stark (76), Melinda Richman
Front: Kelly Tyson, Julie Lagerwall.
Photo courtesy of Robin Stark, taken 4/6/08, Calabasas.

50th Bash Meeting Minutes, March 13, 2008, Van Nuys.

Usual suspects: Glenn, Daniel, Tammy, Randy, Julie, Nancy, Debbie, Kelly,
Josie, and special guests JOANNE and JANET.

Dear Fellow Classmates:

Dan kept notes and helped prepare the meeting minutes:

During our meeting, Janet Moshin joined us by phone to discuss the potential of hosting the birthday bash at her winery. During our discussions, it became evident that her winery did not have enough space to accommodate our group as most of the winery and adjoining vineyards are built on a slope. We further learned that the church retreat/camp next door was already booked for next year. To further complicate matters were the questions concerning logistics in getting to the winery which is located outside Santa Rosa in NorCal. After much discussion, teasing and joking, and with the help of Joanne Disbrow Williams who attended her husband’s class B-day party in Vegas and provided us with some great info, we came up with the following plan of action.

Plan A: Vegas baby:
Vegas has good economical plans that are suited to accommodate large groups. The group party Joanne was with rented a large suite in the Bellagio that can accommodate up to 100 people. They used the suite as the meeting and party room. The great thing about the Bellagio is that it is centrally located on the strip. In this plan, each person books their own room in their hotel of choice and everyone helps pitch in to pay for the Bellagio suite. Food can be ordered through the Hotel or everyone can bring something. The suite is 1200 square feet large.

We can plan activities to do within the suite and we can also plan group meals with the hotel or some of the other larger restaurants in Vegas (what about the cavernous Hofbrau Haus across from the Hard Rock), shopping trips or other activities such as attending a show, concert etc. In order to get the best deal, the idea is to book the party for a Saturday/Sunday with check out on Monday.

Plan B: Sideways Wine Trip
There was the suggestion that we book a winery in the Santa Ynez Valley within the Santa Barbara Wine Country. Randy Farber will look into the cost and availability of a weekend catered party at a winery. What is appealing with this idea is that those living within SoCal do not necessarily have to stay overnight and the trip is relatively short. Another plus is the great wines coming out of Santa Ynez.

Plan C: Queen Mary, yes, the one in Long Beach.
There was also the suggestion of having the party somewhere local such as the Queen Mary in Long Beach. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations in the area and for those of us who live in SoCal, we don’t have to spend the night. Debbie Mollner will look into the Queen.
Plan D: Some more Vegas Baby; The Las Vegas Hilton

One of Tammy’s employers is an owner of the Las Vegas Hilton, she will see if we can get a good deal on rooms and maybe a meeting space. Someone mentioned the Hilton is connected to the strip via the monorail and could be a great party local.

When to have the bash:
We do not have a date planned as yet as we intend to plan the event around spring break and kid stuff (as a result, March and April are out). We will also see what part of the year we can get the most bang for our buck.


Thanks again to Tammy and the kind people at Maguire Aviation for hosting our meetings.


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First Entry of 2008: Photo Club 1/5/2008

Reseda Photo Club got together at El Torito Grill in the Sherman Oaks Galleria.
We looked at old assignments, new and old snap shots.
El Torito Grill is good place to meet, it’s near the 101 and 405, food is reasonably priced.
We had one of our Reunion Meetings there.
Josie Edmonds, Daniel Shudo, Cheryl Daniels, Glenn Kurosaki, Joel Shine. Photo by Ellen Drell.
Josie’s “line breakdown” assignment while at Reseda, “meeow”.
Carnitas Burrito

Last Entry for 2007

I had a blast at the 30th Reunion. It was good to see Vonnie, Janet,
Mario, Scott, Darrell, Tom W., Tom G., Dawn, Kris M., Kris N., Diane, Margaret, Jeanne, Joel, Robin, Melinda, Kerry, on and on. I hope it’s not another 10 years until we see each other. My newest Reseda friend Deborah said it best: “I’m glad I went to Reseda”.
Extra Special thanks to everyone who helped out.
Keep in touch via this blog. If your contact info changes, send an email to I encourage you to get together in small groups in 2008. Our next big event will be a 50th Birthday Bash in 2009. Have a safe and prosperous 2008!!!
Peace, Daniel Shudo.
Self Portrait, December 2007.

Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash

Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash
Date: October 28, 2007
Location: Tony P’s Dockside Grill
Marina Del Rey
Attendance: Dona, Debbie, Kelly, Tammy, Dan, Michael and Glenn

1. Recap of the Reunion.
Discussion over the comments received from classmates and further discussion of everyone’s personal observations. The group concluded that judging from comments received and personal observations: (1) everyone attending looked better at the 30th than at the 20th or even the 10th year reunion; (2) everyone seemed to have more fun at the 30th; (3) the reception room was too small, and (4) The Reunion Committee, for the most part, did a very good job.

2. 50th B-Day Bash:
After reviewing the ballots cast on line and via ballot at the reunion, it was determined that our classmates overwhelming voted for having a 50th B-Day Bash in Las Vegas. After some discussion the group focused in on the logistical challenges posed by this choice. Some of the challenges discussed were lodging, meeting places and selecting one location to meet. Although Roger had mentioned several weeks ago knowing a restaurant in the Vegas area that could be a meeting place, the group discussion went further to discuss where and what we could do following dinner. After a protracted discussion, it was determined that such an event would be difficult to manage and to keep the group together.
Another alternative was discussed. At the reunion, Janet Moshin offered the use of her family’s winery along the Russian River for the event. Glenn informed the group that in his conversations with Janet subsequent to the reunion that her family winery could hold about 60 to 80 people comfortably. If the group were larger, she would recommend reserving a church retreat down the road from the winery to hold the event and even house some of our classmates. Glenn informed the group that the winery and the retreat are located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg in the mountains west of the 101. The group generally liked the idea. Even though this was not one of the events or locations chosen by our classmates at the reunion, the group decided to take a more detailed look into this event and location since the offer was made after the class vote.
After all was said and done, the group decided as follows: (1) we will look into three ideas/locations (a) Moshin Vineyards/retreat, (b) a local location such as a hanger at Van Nuys Airport, and (c) Las Vegas. Tammy agreed to look into the local hanger idea and Glenn agreed to call and work with Janet to develop costs for the wine country trip. Vegas will be Vegas and we will discuss this at the next meeting.
The group decided to call another meeting mid January to early February to compare notes and costs of each alternative. The meeting will be held in the Valley so we can hopefully include more classmates to participate in the planning of this event.

Glenn Kurosaki

October 28, 2007 Post Reunion Meeting

Hi all.
A few of us reunion committee members got together at Tony P’s in Marina Del Rey. Food was good!!!
Thanks Debbie for making the reservations.
We chatted about the 30th reunion and the 50th birthday party. Some ideas we have for the 50th birthday party:
Las Vegas, wine country (northern cal), retreat, somewhere in LA. We will meet again in January or February 2008 for more discussion.
If you have any comments email us.
Hope all is well!!!
D. Shudo
Tammy, Michael, Debbie, Kelly, Dan, Glenn (Dona was there too).
Kelly was eating “lite”.
Tammy’s salad.
Debbie’s fish & chips.
Michael’s caesar salad.


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