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Mr. King memories.

Warren King

Reseda Alumz and students of Warren King
Mr. King, former photography teacher at Reseda High School, passed away this morning peacefuly from the end stages of Parkinson’s. We respected him as a teacher and to many of us he was a good friend.
Many of us went out of our way to learn from the best.
Our senior year, the 5 officers of photo club came from 5 different school districts.
Besides teaching photography, he volunteered at our track meets.
Great memories: taking 40 of us through Europe for 4 weeks, hanging out at his home, sharing amazing stories, K.I.S.S. Recently, I had a chance to visit him. His mind and memories were sharp.

Thank you to the King family for sharing such a wonderful man.
RIP. More about HWK.

Classmates and teachers no longer with us.

1) Leah Bernard
2) Jimmy Wayne Brannum, 1/5/2008
3) Robert Carr
4) Rand Feinstein, 7/22/2007
5) Eric T. Freeman, 10/27/2007
6) Michel Gauthier
7) Alex Gomez
8) Elmon Ham
9) Marianne Hubbard, 1996
10) John Lammerding
11) Kenneth Leeb
12) Eric Lewis
13) Hoolan Libby
14) Mary Ann McGinnis, 2000
15) Keva Munday
16) Brian Odrezin
17) Richard Parlett
18) Helene Shifren
19) Fabian Slick
20) Gregory Smith
21) Jeffrey Smith
22) Eric Zucker, 3/24/2008
23) Sally Zuravin, 1/5/2007
24) Kimberley Lewis, 12/29/2001
25) Greg Klinker, July 7, 2009
26) Mimi Zyla, May 1, 2009
27) Dana Marshall, 2011
28) Reuben Aldapa, 2012
29) Mrs. Barlow, 2010
30) Coach Schaeffer, 2013
31) Mr. Gagliardi, 2013
33) Craig Evans, 2011
34) Eric Bjerke, 2010
35) Mr.Cole
36) Roy Leake, 2016

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June 12, 2013. Mr. Gagliardi remembered.





Leonard Gagliardi. June 12, 2013

Slide show of Mr. Gagliardi’s service.

Leonard Gagliarid. June 12, 2013

RSVP for Mr. Gagliardi’s services.

If you plan to attend Mr. Gagliardi’s service(s), you must RSVP.

RSVP to by June 6.

Mr. Gagliardi Obituary. LA Times.

Mr. Gagliardi Obituary.

Memorial Service for Mr. Gagliardi. June 12, 2013. Port Hueneme, CA.



Hundreds remember Coach Schaeffer

Kelly and Debbie in the Science Building.

Brents Deli

Regent Hall, Luncheon.

Debbie, Eric, Tracy, Kelly, Joanne.





Debbie, Eric, Don, Kelly.




Coach Schaeffer funeral services. Saturday, January 19, 2013.

Services have been finalized for Saturday, January 19 at 11:00 a.m.
Church Services: Our Lady of the Valley, 22021 Gault Street, Canoga Park, CA

Post- Service Luncheon: There will be a luncheon immediately following the service at Reseda High School, in Regent Hall-18230 Kittridge Street.
Parking is available in both the student and faculty lots.

Burial: The burial is for immediate family only. Those attending the service can immediately proceed to Reseda High School.

*The family requests that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a scholarship in Coach Schaeffer’s name. Details on this are not finalized so please be patient- more information on scholarship donations will be forth-coming.”