Monthly Archives: August 2008

How to search for classmates within this blog

In the right column, at the very top, type in a classmate’s name, example: “Julie Lagerwall”, then hit search. Any articles or photos with Julie Lagerwall will appear. Type in “meetings”, and our minutes-notes from all of our meetings will appear. When searching for classmates, use maiden names. You can also search by first name or last name only. Also in the right column, click the various subjects under “pages, categories” etc. to go directly to those articles-posts.

August Birthdays

Carolyn Anderson, 8/4
Elaine Port-Devries, 8/4
Mike Koble, 8/14
Kristen Sandifer, 8/15
John Somers, 8/15
Herman Baertschiger jr., 8/15
Joanne Disbrow, 8/16
Tundi Csiszar, 8/16
Kris Mentzer, 8/18
Bill Tornquist, 8/23
Heidi McReynolds, 8/24