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dona & Debbie’s Party, July 25, 2009











Attendance: Dona Bunzel, Debbie Mollner, Daniel Shudo, Michael Nikaido, Melinda Richman, Mitch Popham, Mike Koble, Robin Stark, Tammy Graf, Julie Lagerwall, Kelly Tyson.

“Ticket to Ride” Gig, Simi Valley July 24, 2009

Mike Josephson 76, Beth Bowles 76, Jeff Tritt 77
Jeff Toczynski 76, Nancy Sellers 77
Debbie Cassidy 78, Jeff Tritt 77
Ticket To Ride
Jeff Toczynski 76

Kelly’s Mom

Family and friends gathered to honor and celebrate Gail Bridgford Brown Tyson’s amazing life. December 11, 1938-July 11, 2009.
Pictured include: Mollner, Shudo, Bunzel, Tritt, Tyson, Cowley, Stark, Hill, Nikaido, Tritt, Walsh (75). All photos taken July 17, 2009, Simi Valley.




How to search for classmates within this blog.

In the right column, at the very top, type in a classmate’s name, example: “Julie Lagerwall”, then hit search. Any articles or photos with Julie Lagerwall will appear. Type in “meetings”, and our minutes-notes from all of our meetings will appear. When searching for classmates, use maiden names. You can also search by first name or last name only. Also in the right column, click the various subjects under “pages, categories” etc. to go directly to those articles-posts.

June 20, 2009 Hollywood Park Class of 1977 50th Birthday Bash

Reseda Class of 1977 and guests.
Front Row. left to right: Gary Schober, Robin Stark Schober, Tammy Graf, Francesca Castro Angulo, Daniel Shudo, Kerry Sparkman Hallas, Janis Wolinsky Kramer, Glenn Kurosaki.
2nd row: Dona Bunzel Rawson, Debbie Mollner, Julie Lagerwall Riddell, Dalila Paredes, John Riddell, Dawn Shifman Tietz, Nancy Sellers, Michael Nikaido, Hugh McNair, Linda Kutner, Scott Kutner, Roger Ellison and wife Willi.
3rd row: James Mellein, Greg Gerlich, Mike Koble, Kelly Tyson Montgomery, Jeff Tritt, Dave Bashara, Jason Corbett, Kevin Jackson, Arndy Farber, Shelton Hall.
Missing: Jon Tsuchiyama, Erin Kenney, Zerriet Johnson, Charles Avery, Derrilyn Johnson, David Dutton, David Ramirez.

Nancy & Dawn

Jon T. says our classmates are youthful looking. I concur. Nancy and Dawn, 1976 & 2009.


Daniel Shudo
Daniel Shudo
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Roll Call….

Who came to the Big Bad Bash:
Who showed up, all maiden names:
Debbie Mollner
Dona Bunzel
Kelly Tyson
Tammy Graf
Robin Stark
Kerry Sparkman
Dawn Shifman
Nancy Sellers
Erin Kenney
Derilyn Johnson
Janis Wolinsky
Zerriet Johnson
Adele Horie
Francesca Castro
Dalila Paredes

Daniel Shudo
Glenna Kurosaki
Randy Farber
Jon Tsuchiyama
Michael Nikaido
Mike Koble
David Dutton
Hugh MacNair
Roger Ellison
Kevin Jackson
Shelton Hall
Charles Avery
Ron Casaubon
David Bashara
James Mellein
Jason Corbett
Jeff Tritt
David Ramirez
Scott Kutner

With guests, we had around 50.

July Birthdays

Robin Stark, 7/9
Debbie Mollner, 7/27
Deborah Van Ells, 7/29
Cynthia Herman, 7/30
Gilbert Olson, 7/30