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March 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2008 Meeting minutes for the Reseda 50th B-Day Bash

Jon Tsuchiyama, Hugh McNair, Michael Nikaido, Daniel Shudo, Tammy Graf, Debbie Mollner, Julie Ridell, Josie Montanari, Randy Farber and Glenn Kurosaki.

During this meeting, several people get their reports concerning party sites, costs and ideas.

Wine Country: Randy reported that he looked into the cost of holding the party in the Santa Ynez Valley of the Santa Barbara Wine Country. The costs of holding a party in this area and the location of such a party depend upon the number of people attending. Each winery has different size limitations, but in general each winery will hire a catering company. Pricing would be around $80.00 to $100.00 per person including wine. Depending on the level of accommodation, an over night visit would cost about $300 per person or $500.00 per couple, transportation included. Randy also suggested that the party could be held at the Tap Room, the formed beer facility for Firestone brewery located in Buelton. The tap room is now a large restaurant that can accommodate a large group.

Las Vegas: Tammy reported that she was still working pricing for rooms at the Las Vegas Hilton. This is a hotel that one of her employers is a part owner. Tammy will continue to investigate this idea. We still had Joanne Disbrow Williams’ information from the last meeting concerning renting out a suite at the Bellagio so no further discussion followed.

Long Beach: Debbie did some research into the Queen Mary. Debbie obtained information concerning room rates and dinner/party information for the renting of a ballroom/conference room. The location of the Queen Mary is ideal as there are several hotels in the area including the Queen Mary itself along with a very large entertainment area adjacent to the facility as well as being close to Long Beach Airport. Pricing for such an event was discussed and appeared to start in the range of $37.00 to $50.00 per person for a banquet.

Dinner Cruise: In follow up to a suggestion from the previous meeting, Daniel looked up information concerning dinner cruises in the LA/Long Beach area. We were unable to determine pricing.

The group decided that before we make any decision, we should obtain further details for each of these proposals.

It was therefore decided that Debbie is to obtain more detailed information concerning the Queen Mary, Randy to obtain more information concerning the Wine Country, and Tammy to obtain more details concerning the Vegas Hilton and the Dinner Cruise.

Got questions, contact me.



Tammy\'s Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Tammy

30th Reunion Memory Book

In the column under “pages”, click “30th reunion portraits” to see photos
of our classmates and guests from September 8, 2007.

Reseda Theater, LA Times 4/16/08

Full story click the link below:

Mark Zucker remembers Eric…..

Mark Zucker’s speech from the memorial:

As everyone knows, Eric Zucker was larger than life. He was a great man, a phenomenal friend, a beautiful brother, a devoted son, a loving husband, and a doting father. But what I want to say, lest we forget, is that Eric was a clown and a scalawag; he made a spectacle of himself; he had absolutely no sense of boundaries. He wore his heart on his sleeve, on both sleeves, it poured out of him, and it got all over everyone. And we’ll never get it off, thank goodness.

He was a rascal. When I was learning to speak, he’d point at a fork and say “cat”, my first koan, and I learned something: you couldn’t always believe every word Eric said; but you always felt the essential truths and love that underlay his tall tales. Except that time I gave a report in school on the dinosaurs that still exist right over that hill; when challenged, I swore up and down I’d gotten it from an absolute authority, my brother. Or those two years he swore repeatedly that he stayed up every night till I was asleep, before climbing out the window to be a secret agent with the Mod Squad. He got me every time.

Eric was a rapscallion and a raconteur. I’d hear other people retelling “stories” from our childhood. Stories. Doozies. Complete fabrications! Myths! Yes, Eric mythologized the world, and thereby gave meaning to the world. He stretched the truth in the service of higher truths. Virtually everything I believe, value, and treasure, and the lion’s share of all the literature and music and art I love was filtered through Eric’s myth-making. And those most crucial of myths that our parents raised us on, of compassion, truth, beauty, justice, and love, were made real in his life through his committed actions, and he made them accessible to us all with his humor. He showed me how to live and laugh as a committed Marxist; Karl and Groucho, of course.

Eric was larger than life, and he had a peculiar genius for people. Every time I used to visit him, he’d be having a huge party. I didn’t get it at the time. I just wanted some intimate time with my brother, but later I realized, those people were 60 of Eric’s most intimate friends, and he felt it essential to introduce me to each of them with a heroic flourish that was frankly embarrassing. Eric’s inner circle basically encompassed the entire universe, and each lucky member was rendered a virtual superhuman glowing with the myths he spun.

Eric made himself scandalously at home in other people’s personal space. Eric had no shame. The way he danced with other people’s wives made me blush. He had no sense of boundaries. He played the fool, but in the classic sense; to unmask the foolishness of the conventional life, and to urge us to live more fully, to share love more freely, to work at our convictions more earnestly, and to make us laugh and let down our guard, to feel the love and joy of human connection, so we could then commit anew, refreshed to do the serious work of life.

Eric was a wanton idealist. Listen carefully, children: First, you can change the world and you must. Second, you can make love and you must. Third, you can appreciate and create beauty, and you must. Standing on the shoulders of our forebears, Eric transmitted these essential truths to me, and he was the living, breathing embodiment of them.

Eric was my touchstone. We always shared a bedroom, and I often used to climb into his bed at night and tell him about my bad dreams when I was a kid. Once, years later, far away, I dreamed that a chicken I was cooking attacked me, and I wrenched it off my neck and stabbed it with a fork, right through the chicken, right through the palm of my hand. When I woke up, all alone in a cabin in a New Hampshire forest, I walked a mile to a phone to tell Eric. He’d understand. Well, now there’s no one to tell. There’s no one to get our jokes. Eric, you knew what no one knew, about us, Max and Betty, our family, where we come from, how our dog Molly sat on our feet around the dinner table while we heard the stories that made us what we are. Now it’s only me, but like you screamed to me through the phone years ago we are ‘blood brothers in a stormy night with a vow to defend’, and I vow, big brother, best brother ever, I’ll keep our stories alive, because they make life worth living, and I’ll keep doing the good work in life, inspired by the way I watched you make the world a better place. Our parents raised us right, and they would have been so proud…

Eric, you never did have any sense of boundaries, and you still don’t. You were and you are larger than life. Even death cannot stop your ripple from spreading. May it become a wave to transform the world.

Mark Zucker

Eric Zucker Memorial 4/12/08

Eric J. Zucker Memorial Service was held at the Montecillo de Leo Politi picnic area, Elysian Park. It was a beautiful setting. Many great stories of Eric. Thank you Erin Kenney for sharing a song. Reseda 1977 classmates included: Glenn Kurosaki, Michael Nikaido, Julie Lagerwall, Joe Sandoval, Kelly Tyson, Tammy Graf, Erin Kenney, Kristen Sandifer, Randy Farber, Ray Hein, Trish Hereford, Lori Kelecy, Janet Moshin, Josie Edmonds, Jon Tsuchiyama, Kathee Boyer, Scott Kutner, Tundi Csiszar, Daniel Shudo, Eric Sokoloff. Other Reseda alumni: Alan Sahakangas ’73, Kimmo Sahakangas ’76, Eric’s brother Mark Zucker. Afterwards, some of us got together at a nearby restaurant. It was cool listening to Eric’s amazing life and accomplishments after graduating Reseda. For more photos go to, and click the Eric 4.12.08 link at the top of the page.

Eric’s cross country teammates: Kimmo Sahakangas 76, Ray Hein, Daniel Shudo, Eric Sokoloff.

Tundi Csiszar, Tammy Graf

Jon Tsuchiyama, Erin Kenney. All photos taken 4.12.08, Los Angeles.


Daniel Shudo


…which stands for “Reseda’s Best Friends For Lunch Club .” (a.k.a. “The Divine Lunches of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”)

We met at the Sagebrush Cantina on Sunday, April 6th for brunch. We have tried to met each month since
the reunion and have been pretty successful meeting in October, November, January, February and April so far.
Our next meeting is planned for May. We have made a pact to stay connected and meet regularly because we
really enjoy each other’s company.

We have a great time. Someone (Kelly Tyson Montgomery, voted the club’s historian) usually brings old photo’s and
we reminisce about how young and thin we looked then and all the great times we had. We also catch up on everyone’s
life today, their hubbies and boyfriends, their kids, their animals, their jobs, their vacations, etc.

Robin and Debi Stark (her cousin and Class of 76) are getting ready to travel to Italy this month. How fun.

We will keep you posted and send more from our next meeting in May.

Debbie Mollner

Back: Robin Stark, Debbie Mollner, Debi Stark (76), Melinda Richman
Front: Kelly Tyson, Julie Lagerwall.
Photo courtesy of Robin Stark, taken 4/6/08, Calabasas.

Can you say SAHAKANGAS?

Well, did you? I went to an “Earthscapes” exhibit in NOHO.
Nice photos by Alan Sahakangas, Reseda Class of 73, brother of Kimmo 76,
and our classmate Peter.
Black and white landscapes shot on large format film cameras, and printed in a traditional “wet” darkroom. Not Digital!!!
From left: Alan, Kimmo. Photo 4/5/08, North Hollywood.
Alan, Kimmo, Peter, and I all ran cross country.
Daniel Shudo

Eric Zucker Quote from 2006

In 2006, Eric posted a note at

“I’m on the Reseda 30th Reunion Committee for the sole purpose of advocating against hosting it at the Ronald Reagan Library. Everyone is amused (but concerned) that I have sworn that if they hold it there in Simi Valley, I will attend wearing a T-Shirt that reads:”Will Trade Arms 4 Hostages.”

April Birthdays

4/8 Dan Grahek
4/10 Jeanne Turner
4/11 Diane Billie
4/17 Tammy Graf