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Reunion Meeting Minutes from 12/6/06

During our locally based reunion committee meeting last night, we
decided to create the following committees:

1. Special Awards;
2. Questionnaire Development;
3. Memorabilia; and
4. Classmate interface/hospitality.

The Special Award committee will be in charge of developing special
awards to announce and/or give out during the reunion. This committee will have to work closely with the Questionnaire Development committee.

The Questionnaire Development committee will be responsible for
developing questions for the class questionaire to be sent to all

The Memorabilia committee will be responsible for coming up with
memorabilia to display at the reunion and to decide what will be

The Classmate interface/hospitality committee will be responsible for contacting classmates and working with them to find other classmates as well as convincing them to attend the reunion.

In general, it would be helpful if we all tried to contact as many of our classmates as possible and get them to register on line with the reunion company, to look at this site, or to at least provide us with their address, phone number and e-mail address.

If you are interested in joining a committee please let us know which committee you wish to join and give us your e-mail and contact
information. You may do so by responding to
our committee e-mail address

Our next meeting will be sometime in February 2007.



Classmates in Attendance:
Debbie Mollner, Josie Edmonds Montanari, Dona Bunzel Rawson, Kelly Tyson Montgomery, Nancy Sellers, Julie Lagerwall Riddell, Tammy Graf, Kathee Boyer, Glenn Kurosaki, Michael Nikaido,
Daniel Shudo, Randy Farber, John Tsuchiyama.

Location: El Torito, Sherman Oaks Galleria.