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Last Entry for 2007

I had a blast at the 30th Reunion. It was good to see Vonnie, Janet,
Mario, Scott, Darrell, Tom W., Tom G., Dawn, Kris M., Kris N., Diane, Margaret, Jeanne, Joel, Robin, Melinda, Kerry, on and on. I hope it’s not another 10 years until we see each other. My newest Reseda friend Deborah said it best: “I’m glad I went to Reseda”.
Extra Special thanks to everyone who helped out.
Keep in touch via this blog. If your contact info changes, send an email to I encourage you to get together in small groups in 2008. Our next big event will be a 50th Birthday Bash in 2009. Have a safe and prosperous 2008!!!
Peace, Daniel Shudo.
Self Portrait, December 2007.

Reunion & Reunion Meetings 2006-2007

Thanks to everyone who planned and attended the reunion.

Another reason to come to the Reunions…..

At the 20 Year Reunion, I won this groovee lava lamp as a door prize, still works perfectly.
No, I do not own a black light….

This year at the 30th Reunion, classmates won gift cards, CD’s, gift baskets….

What are you up to?

Some of you were unable to attend the reunion, and others we did not get to chat much at the reunion. We’d really like to know what’s up, so email us. Send us a brief paragraph about your life, a “now and then” photo (jpeg) and a link to your website. We will post your story and photos on one or both blogs.