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Julie Lagerwall & Vonnie Lawson: City Champs, Perfect 9-0 Season. Photo Salon.

March 18, 1977
June 3, 1977
Regent Review courtesy of Michael Nikaido.

Last Meeting before the Reunion, August 15, 2007, Van Nuys

We first met September 29, 2006. This was our 9th and final meeting before the Reunion. Attendance: Glenn, Hugh, Debbie, Julie, Josie, Tammy, Jon, Marietta, Daniel, Michael. Thanks for the photos Michael, and thanks for the meeting room Tammy.
Discussions: Program, 50th Bash, Brunch, Memory Boards, Trivia, Awards, Slide Show.

June 3, 1977 Regent Review


Senior Dance Marathon. Regent Review March 18, 1977

Regent Review courtesy of Michael Nikaido.

Trivia #2, Help Wanted!!!

Making $$$ while attending Reseda.
From the photos below, who worked at:
1) Builders’ Emporium? Diane Billie, Kris Nobben
2) The Treasury? Julie Lagerwall
3) The Surprise Store? Kris Nobben
4) Kentucky Fried Chicken? Nancy Sellers
5) The Sizzler? Kelly Tyson
6) Taco Bell? Adele Horie

All six attended the 30th reunion.

Trivia #1 Answers

1) Who went to both UCLA and USC? Joel
2) Who went to junior high and college with the same Reseda classmate? Dan with Pam Jubas (Portola Jr. High, Art Center College of Design)
3) Who went to college with Barack Obama? Glenn, Occidental College.
4) Who worked at Foster’s Donuts? Tami.
5) Who ran the 440 yard relay at Reseda? Kathy
6) Who won an art class poster contest and had their winning poster placed on the side of garbage trucks all over LA for a clean-up campaign? Debbie
7) Which two had perfect attendance for one year at Reseda? Josie, Dan