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50th Bash Meeting, 10/21/08, Van Nuys Airport

Meeting Minutes

Reseda Class of ’77 Birthday Bash

October 21, 2008, 7:00 p.m. Maguire Aviation, Van Nuys, CA

Meeting came to order @ 7:30 p.m.

Attendance: Jon, Tammy, Dan, Ray, Kelly, Dona, Debbie, Mike, Marietta, Julie and Glenn

Meeting opened with a quick review of the previous meeting notes.

Jon, Glenn and Mike presented their findings concerning the Bonaventure Brewing Company’s fourth floor outside patio area for the Bash. Glen stated that the management was open to allow us to use the patio without any deposit and that they would be willing to do either (1) take orders from a limited menu or (2) charge an entrance fee and provide hot and/or cold appetizers buffet style. Glenn presented a menu for this buffet setting. Jon stated that he felt the location was nice but was not as nice as the website photo. The patio contains a bar, sofas and other lounge furnishing along with a music system that the restaurant would allow us to use. Glenn, Mike and Jon also stated that even though the setting is nice and the downtown skyline at night is beautiful, this may not be as special as perhaps a location along the beach.

Jon then provided information concerning Malibu Seafood and a new restaurant located on the Malibu Pier. Malibu Seafood is not set up for a large party and the new restaurant would require a deposit and the average cost would be near $65.00.

Debbie next provided information concerning Hollywood Park. Hollywood Park maintains banquet and party facilities. Debbie and Dona report that the banquet facilities are very nice and over look the race track. The manager in charge of these facilities states that if we hold the party during their racing season, not only will be entitled to use the banquet facilities, but we will also be given free admission to the Turf Club and/or Box Seats during the race. Food and drink during the race and before the party would be the responsibility of each attendee and is not part of the party package. We understand that the price of admission to the Turf Club and the Box Seat area is $20.00 per person.

Racing on Saturdays occurs in the afternoon and finishes at 5:30. Our party would begin at 5:30 with a cocktail period. The cocktail period would be from 5:30 to 7:00. Dinner and the party would start at 7:00 and go on to 11:00. We can choose an outdoor patio area called the Finish Line Terrace or an indoor area called the Gold Cup Room.

Dinner cost would be in the range of $30 to $60.00 per person, not including beverage. There is no deposit requirement, but there is a minimum requirement of 50 people. The park will accept credit card payment directly from our classmates so we do not have to deal with any of the money. The cut off time period would be two weeks before the event. The park may have a $500 minimum bar requirement but the manager was not clear if it will be enforced.

Next door is the Hollywood Park Casino that is open all night for gambling

Dona next stated that there is a hotel nearby but recommended that we designate a hotel in the Marina or near LAX as a place to recommend for an overnight stay.

After considerable discussion, the group decided to vote. As a follow up from the previous meeting concerning discussions over the economy, the group agreed to scale the party plans back a little and keep the party in the Los Angeles area. In a unanimous vote, the group, in principle has agreed to have the party at Hollywood Park.

Debbie and Dona were asked to follow up and obtain more information from Hollywood Park, including menu pricing, hotel information and dates. Since Hollywood Park’s racing season is between March and June and September to December, Debbie has been asked to find open dates during both periods.

Another topic was introduced to the floor concerning whether this party could be opened to non-classmates. During discussions, the issues revolved around how to invite non-classmates and whether the party should be opened to others. The discussions appeared headed to allow non-classmates to join in, but none will be officially invited and the group will not officially promote the party to non-classmates. Further discussions are required and will be taken up at the next meeting.

The meeting concluded with Debbie and Dona agreeing to obtain more information and once such information is collected, Debbie will contact Glenn to make arrangements for the next meeting.

Meeting ended at 9:00

Kelly, Mike, Julie, Debbie, Ray, Tammy, Dona, Glenn, Marietta. Not in photo, Jon.

50th Bash Meeting Minutes from 9/17/08, by Glenn Kurosaki

Dear Committee:

Here are the minutes from yesterday’s meeting.


Nancy Sellers, Mike Nikaido, Jon Tsuchiyama, Dan Shudo, Marietta Sperry, Debbie Mollner, Julie Riddell, Tammy Graf and Glenn Kurosaki. Randy Farber was present via a late meeting phone call.

General Discussion and recap of last meeting.

Glenn discussed that he forgot to print the meeting minutes of the last meeting, mostly because he forgot to take notes. In recreating the meeting, the group agreed that Solvang/Wine Country was chosen as the potential location of our party. Randy had provided information concerning a train trip including a picnic at a beach in Ventura county, but the group concluded the cost was too high and those fellow celebratees coming from out of town would not care to spend more time traveling.

The group further agreed that the weekend of September 25, 26, & 27, 2009 be the target weekend for the party.

Glenn next started a discussion concerning the economics of the party. Since the US is heading into an economic downturn, he suggested that we scale the party down a bit in order to allow for unexpected potential financial difficulties some of our classmates may experience. The group discussed this idea and unanimously agreed to reconsider the site selection and seek locations within the Los Angeles Basin.

Dan stated he had previously contacted the Sage Brush Cantina in Calabasas and Tony P’s in Marina Del Rey. Dan reported that the Sage Brush Cantina would allow us to use the patio so long as the group limited their orders to drinks and appetizers. Anyone wanting to eat a meal would have to order inside the restaurant proper. The good thing about the Sage Brush is that we would not be required to post a deposit and all drinks and food are charged and paid for at the time of order. In such case, we would not be required to collect money in advance. The Sage Brush also has live entertainment and a dance floor. Unfortunately, if we are unable to fill the patio, the patio will be open to the general public. Dan further stated that Tony P’s in the Marina would not be able to accommodate more than 40 people in their private room.

Debbie stated that she booked her company’s Christmas party in a private banquet room at Hollywood Park last year and will be doing so again this year. She believes Hollywood Park would be able to provide a room and allow guest to order and pay as they go and would possibly not require a deposit, especially if the horses are running at that time. She also stated that the track has a buffet service that is reasonable in price.

Glenn stated that he is familiar with the ownership of the Bonaventure Brewing Company, a micro brew pub in the Bonaventure Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Glenn reported that the restaurant has an outdoor patio lounge on the swimming pool deck that is quite pretty at night as the hotel is surrounded by lit high rise office and hotel towers. Glenn stated that the patio can probably accommodate up to 150 -200 people. Someone mentioned whether the homeless could pose a problem with this location but Glenn and Jon explained that downtown has changed with the addition of thousands of new high rise condo and apartment units and new high end restaurants, bars and clubs, creating a fairly lively scene. As a result, the homeless population has been forced out of the financial center to other parts of town.

The group ended the meeting and made the following decisions.

1. Solvang is still a potential choice.
2. The group is now open to re-evaluating having the party in the Los Angeles area,
(a) Dan will obtain more information concerning the Sage Brush Cantina,
(b) Debbie will obtain more information from Hollywood Park,
(c) Glenn will obtain more information from the Bonaventure Brewing Company,
(d) The group will seek additional information from other local restaurants or facilities,
(e) Any facility to be chosen must allow us to pay as we order instead of requiring an advance payment.

3. Anyone interested in visiting the Bonaventure Brewing Company is invited to join Jon and Glenn for a drink or two at this restaurant on Saturday night, October 18, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. The restaurant is located in the Bonaventure Hotel at 404 South Figueroa Street, Fourth Floor next to the pool deck, Los Angeles, California 90071 (213) 236-0802

4. Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 21, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at Tammy’s office at McGuire Aviation at the Van Nuys airport.

Meeting adjourned around 9:00 p.m.

Okay, that’s it.

50th Bash Meeting, 9/17/08, Sherman Oaks

Usual suspects: Glenn, Debbie, Marietta, Jon, Julie, Nancy, Michael, Tammy, and yours truly. We met at the El Torito Grill in the Sherman Oaks Galleria. We are still trying to figure out “when, what, where, how, why, why not” about our birthday party. Tentatively scheduled after Labor Day 2009. We think it will be in the Los Angeles area. We are having another meeting in October, so stay tuned. We all could not believe it’s been a year since the 30th reunion.
Peace, D. Shudo
Stuff we mass consumed:

June 4 Meeting, Van Nuys

We are still looking into a date and venue for the 50th bash for 2009. Please check this blog from time to time. Click on photos to enlarge.

New conference room at Maguire.

Can you name everyone?


March 11, 2008 Meeting Minutes

March 11, 2008 Meeting minutes for the Reseda 50th B-Day Bash

Jon Tsuchiyama, Hugh McNair, Michael Nikaido, Daniel Shudo, Tammy Graf, Debbie Mollner, Julie Ridell, Josie Montanari, Randy Farber and Glenn Kurosaki.

During this meeting, several people get their reports concerning party sites, costs and ideas.

Wine Country: Randy reported that he looked into the cost of holding the party in the Santa Ynez Valley of the Santa Barbara Wine Country. The costs of holding a party in this area and the location of such a party depend upon the number of people attending. Each winery has different size limitations, but in general each winery will hire a catering company. Pricing would be around $80.00 to $100.00 per person including wine. Depending on the level of accommodation, an over night visit would cost about $300 per person or $500.00 per couple, transportation included. Randy also suggested that the party could be held at the Tap Room, the formed beer facility for Firestone brewery located in Buelton. The tap room is now a large restaurant that can accommodate a large group.

Las Vegas: Tammy reported that she was still working pricing for rooms at the Las Vegas Hilton. This is a hotel that one of her employers is a part owner. Tammy will continue to investigate this idea. We still had Joanne Disbrow Williams’ information from the last meeting concerning renting out a suite at the Bellagio so no further discussion followed.

Long Beach: Debbie did some research into the Queen Mary. Debbie obtained information concerning room rates and dinner/party information for the renting of a ballroom/conference room. The location of the Queen Mary is ideal as there are several hotels in the area including the Queen Mary itself along with a very large entertainment area adjacent to the facility as well as being close to Long Beach Airport. Pricing for such an event was discussed and appeared to start in the range of $37.00 to $50.00 per person for a banquet.

Dinner Cruise: In follow up to a suggestion from the previous meeting, Daniel looked up information concerning dinner cruises in the LA/Long Beach area. We were unable to determine pricing.

The group decided that before we make any decision, we should obtain further details for each of these proposals.

It was therefore decided that Debbie is to obtain more detailed information concerning the Queen Mary, Randy to obtain more information concerning the Wine Country, and Tammy to obtain more details concerning the Vegas Hilton and the Dinner Cruise.

Got questions, contact me.



Tammy\'s Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Tammy

50th Bash Meeting Minutes, March 13, 2008, Van Nuys.

Usual suspects: Glenn, Daniel, Tammy, Randy, Julie, Nancy, Debbie, Kelly,
Josie, and special guests JOANNE and JANET.

Dear Fellow Classmates:

Dan kept notes and helped prepare the meeting minutes:

During our meeting, Janet Moshin joined us by phone to discuss the potential of hosting the birthday bash at her winery. During our discussions, it became evident that her winery did not have enough space to accommodate our group as most of the winery and adjoining vineyards are built on a slope. We further learned that the church retreat/camp next door was already booked for next year. To further complicate matters were the questions concerning logistics in getting to the winery which is located outside Santa Rosa in NorCal. After much discussion, teasing and joking, and with the help of Joanne Disbrow Williams who attended her husband’s class B-day party in Vegas and provided us with some great info, we came up with the following plan of action.

Plan A: Vegas baby:
Vegas has good economical plans that are suited to accommodate large groups. The group party Joanne was with rented a large suite in the Bellagio that can accommodate up to 100 people. They used the suite as the meeting and party room. The great thing about the Bellagio is that it is centrally located on the strip. In this plan, each person books their own room in their hotel of choice and everyone helps pitch in to pay for the Bellagio suite. Food can be ordered through the Hotel or everyone can bring something. The suite is 1200 square feet large.

We can plan activities to do within the suite and we can also plan group meals with the hotel or some of the other larger restaurants in Vegas (what about the cavernous Hofbrau Haus across from the Hard Rock), shopping trips or other activities such as attending a show, concert etc. In order to get the best deal, the idea is to book the party for a Saturday/Sunday with check out on Monday.

Plan B: Sideways Wine Trip
There was the suggestion that we book a winery in the Santa Ynez Valley within the Santa Barbara Wine Country. Randy Farber will look into the cost and availability of a weekend catered party at a winery. What is appealing with this idea is that those living within SoCal do not necessarily have to stay overnight and the trip is relatively short. Another plus is the great wines coming out of Santa Ynez.

Plan C: Queen Mary, yes, the one in Long Beach.
There was also the suggestion of having the party somewhere local such as the Queen Mary in Long Beach. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodations in the area and for those of us who live in SoCal, we don’t have to spend the night. Debbie Mollner will look into the Queen.
Plan D: Some more Vegas Baby; The Las Vegas Hilton

One of Tammy’s employers is an owner of the Las Vegas Hilton, she will see if we can get a good deal on rooms and maybe a meeting space. Someone mentioned the Hilton is connected to the strip via the monorail and could be a great party local.

When to have the bash:
We do not have a date planned as yet as we intend to plan the event around spring break and kid stuff (as a result, March and April are out). We will also see what part of the year we can get the most bang for our buck.


Thanks again to Tammy and the kind people at Maguire Aviation for hosting our meetings.


img_00631.jpgimg_00641.jpgimg_00651.jpgimg_00661.jpg Continue reading

Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash

Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash
Date: October 28, 2007
Location: Tony P’s Dockside Grill
Marina Del Rey
Attendance: Dona, Debbie, Kelly, Tammy, Dan, Michael and Glenn

1. Recap of the Reunion.
Discussion over the comments received from classmates and further discussion of everyone’s personal observations. The group concluded that judging from comments received and personal observations: (1) everyone attending looked better at the 30th than at the 20th or even the 10th year reunion; (2) everyone seemed to have more fun at the 30th; (3) the reception room was too small, and (4) The Reunion Committee, for the most part, did a very good job.

2. 50th B-Day Bash:
After reviewing the ballots cast on line and via ballot at the reunion, it was determined that our classmates overwhelming voted for having a 50th B-Day Bash in Las Vegas. After some discussion the group focused in on the logistical challenges posed by this choice. Some of the challenges discussed were lodging, meeting places and selecting one location to meet. Although Roger had mentioned several weeks ago knowing a restaurant in the Vegas area that could be a meeting place, the group discussion went further to discuss where and what we could do following dinner. After a protracted discussion, it was determined that such an event would be difficult to manage and to keep the group together.
Another alternative was discussed. At the reunion, Janet Moshin offered the use of her family’s winery along the Russian River for the event. Glenn informed the group that in his conversations with Janet subsequent to the reunion that her family winery could hold about 60 to 80 people comfortably. If the group were larger, she would recommend reserving a church retreat down the road from the winery to hold the event and even house some of our classmates. Glenn informed the group that the winery and the retreat are located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg in the mountains west of the 101. The group generally liked the idea. Even though this was not one of the events or locations chosen by our classmates at the reunion, the group decided to take a more detailed look into this event and location since the offer was made after the class vote.
After all was said and done, the group decided as follows: (1) we will look into three ideas/locations (a) Moshin Vineyards/retreat, (b) a local location such as a hanger at Van Nuys Airport, and (c) Las Vegas. Tammy agreed to look into the local hanger idea and Glenn agreed to call and work with Janet to develop costs for the wine country trip. Vegas will be Vegas and we will discuss this at the next meeting.
The group decided to call another meeting mid January to early February to compare notes and costs of each alternative. The meeting will be held in the Valley so we can hopefully include more classmates to participate in the planning of this event.

Glenn Kurosaki

October 28, 2007 Post Reunion Meeting

Hi all.
A few of us reunion committee members got together at Tony P’s in Marina Del Rey. Food was good!!!
Thanks Debbie for making the reservations.
We chatted about the 30th reunion and the 50th birthday party. Some ideas we have for the 50th birthday party:
Las Vegas, wine country (northern cal), retreat, somewhere in LA. We will meet again in January or February 2008 for more discussion.
If you have any comments email us.
Hope all is well!!!
D. Shudo
Tammy, Michael, Debbie, Kelly, Dan, Glenn (Dona was there too).
Kelly was eating “lite”.
Tammy’s salad.
Debbie’s fish & chips.
Michael’s caesar salad.

Last Meeting before the Reunion, August 15, 2007, Van Nuys

We first met September 29, 2006. This was our 9th and final meeting before the Reunion. Attendance: Glenn, Hugh, Debbie, Julie, Josie, Tammy, Jon, Marietta, Daniel, Michael. Thanks for the photos Michael, and thanks for the meeting room Tammy.
Discussions: Program, 50th Bash, Brunch, Memory Boards, Trivia, Awards, Slide Show.

Reunion Meeting, 7/25/07, Van Nuys, CA.

Debbie’s birthday, guests included Barbara Handin, Kelly Faulkner, and Scott Kutner.
Discussions included: Memory boards, awards, door prizes, slide show, table decoration, menu.
Please continue to seek and contact classmates.
Thanks Jon for the cake.