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January 31.

Happy Birthday Cheryl Daniels!!!

Happy Birthday Shannon Rodriguez!!!

Happy Birthday Julie!!!!

Julie, our Junior year 75-76

January 27

Happy Birthday Marcos Martinez!!!!


Many of our classmates are on facebook. Go to, search Daniel Shudo, and click “view friends” which lists my friends including Reseda Alumni. It’s FREE!!!!! I also created a Reseda High School Class of 1977 group on facebook, click the link below:

Daniel Shudo

Celestians born in January

Kathy Leavitt, 1/7
Dan Varnum, 1/10
Kathy Kepke, 1/11
Marcos Martinez, 1/27
Julie Lagerwall, 1/29
Shannon Rodriguez, 1/30
Cheryl Daniels, 1/31

2009 is here.

Happy New Year!!!
Próspero Año Nuevo
Bonne annee!
Štastný Nový rok 2009

first day of 2009, nice and foggy

first day of 2009, nice and foggy