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10 Year Reunion Portraits

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of our classmates and guests from September 12, 1987.

Reseda Theater, LA Times 4/16/08

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David Bushnell

Dave was visiting LA this week. He was a year behind us but
hung out with us “older” guys. Dave says hello to the class of 1977. Photo taken 3/10/08, Santa Monica.

David Bushnell crossing the finish line as the 1976 LA City, Class Bee 880 Champion, 1:57.5. Photo at East LA College.

Eric Sokoloff plus 30 years, 8 months, and…..

Had a nice chat with our classmate Eric Sokoloff. Last time I saw him was in 1977. I met Eric in 10th grade on the cross country team. He keeps in great shape by riding his bicycle and motorcycles. Eric lives and works in socal.
Eric Sokoloff, Daniel Shudo in Los Angeles, 2/28/08. Photo by Mark Zucker.
Fall 1974, 10th grade cross country team. 3rd place West Valley League. We had a great coach, Paul Arneson.
Shudo, Brown, Messner, Grahek, Zucker, Jackson, and Whelpley attended the 30th reunion.

Lunch with ADELE…..

Had a nice time chatting with Adele Horie. We went to Clementine in Century City.
Adele lives in socal, and says: “Hello from smoky LA”.
If you want to send a message to Adele, click here, subject: message to Adele.

Adele, Oct. 2007
Adele, Fall 1976
my very rare roast beef sandwich and black cherry soda.

Spring 1977 Bee Cheerleaders

Robin Stark, Melinda Richman, Dawn Shifman, Tammy Graf.
September 8, 2007

More old stuff….

Robin Stark, Daniel Shudo, Graduation 1977

September 8, 2007

“The Way We Were”

Vonnie Lawson, Kelly Faulkner, Julie Lagerwall, September 8, 2007
June 1976.