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February Birthdays

February Births:
Nancy Sellers, 2/1
Rhonda Hass, 2/5
Daniel Shudo, 2/5
Missy Mandel, 2/7
Arturo Fierro, 2/8
Carol Finch, 2/17
Debbie L’Etoile, 2/19
Sherri Stouten, 2/20
Hugh MacNair, 2/25

Jeff Tritt in Haiti

Our classmate Jeff Tritt was in Haiti on a church mission.
He returned to the U.S. two days before the earthquake.
Here is the video from his mission.

Mrs. Barlow

From the LA Times:
BARLOW, Margaret Poulson: Wife of the late Dale F. Barlow, architect, died Tues., January 12, 2010 at her home in Southern California of natural causes. A music teacher and musician extraordinaire! Beloved mother of four sons, she currently has 14 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Services will be Monday, Jan. 18th, 11:30 a.m., at 11022 Riverside Dr., N. Hollywood, CA.
Published in Los Angeles Times from January 16 to January 17, 2010


Many Reseda alumni are on facebook. About 170 of the Class of 1977 are on facebook. I also created a group on facebook called Reseda High School Class of 1977. The group is opened to everyone.

January Births….

Kerry Sparkman, Kathy Leavitt, 1/7
Dan Varnum, 1/10
Kathy Kepke, 1/11
Marcos Martinez, 1/27
Julie Lagerwall, 1/29
Shannon Rodriguez, 1/30
Cheryl Daniels, 1/31