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June 27 Meeting Minutes by Glenn Kurosaki

Meeting: June 27, 2007

Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Dona Rawson, Kelly Montgomery, Julie Riddell, Tammy Graf, Nancy Sellers, Daniel Shudo, Hugh MacNair, Jon Tsuchiyama, Randy Farber, Debbie Mollner, Michael Nikaido, Marietta Moyeda-Sperry and Glenn Kurosaki.

Meeting Site:Maguire Aviation, Van Nuys

A Big Thank You goes out to Tammy Graf and Maguire Aviation for making their office conference facilities available for our meeting.

Committee Reports:

1.After Reunion Brunch: Randy and Dan report that the Hotel does not currently host a Sunday brunch but they do serve breakfast that runs into lunch. It was also reported that the Universal Hilton located up the hill does have a Sunday brunch but it costs $30.00 plus. Randy also reports that Jerry’s Deli, which is located down the hill from the hotel, has a large enough room but will require a minimum number of people and a deposit.

The group decided to hold the after reunion brunch at the Universal Sheraton restaurant during the breakfast and early lunch hours. Randy will contact the hotel restaurant a few weeks before the reunion to inform them of our plans. We hope to have a portion of the restaurant, or the pool area, set aside for our group.

2.Trivia Sheet: Debbie and Dona have prepared a list of trivia questions for placement on the tables at the reunion. Some additional questions were developed at the meeting. Answers to the questions will be revealed at a time tbd.

3.Memorabilia: Tammy reports that she is in the process of freshening up the boards from the 20th reunion and her committee will be preparing several new ones. There should be between 10 to 15 boards.

4.Gifts: Josie was not present for the meeting, however, the group decided that each member will secure at least one gift to be given as door prizes.

5.Slide Show: Dan reports that he needs more photos.

General discussions:

Glenn reported that the Reunion Committee, Inc. (the “RC”) has revised their mailing list following the completion of their major research. The RC will be doing their next mailing within the next few weeks. (As an update, the RC has confirmed that it will be doing it next mailer the week of July 2nd.) Glenn next stated that there are still a number of classmates that have not been found. They are listed as missing persons on the Reunion Committee’s website. It was agreed that the group members take a look at the missing persons list and see if there are any persons who we can locate through our personal contacts.

Next, Dan prepared the room to shoot short video commercials advertising the reunion. The commercials can be seen at
and at
The group decided upon the next two meeting dates. The next meeting will be on July 25, 2007 at 7:00 pm at Maguire Aviation located at 7155 Valjean Avenue, Van Nuys, CA. Committee heads should be prepared to show completion of most assignments.

Buzz the telcom at the gate and let the operator know that you are visiting Tammy.

The next meeting will be on August 15, 2007 at a place to be determined.

Debbie Mollner says…….

Hello all you fellow 1977 Reseda Regent graduates:

It’s Debbie Mollner. Our 30 year reunion is quickly approaching, Saturday, Sept 8th,
and I am writing to convince you to attend. Whether you have attended the
past two reunions or not, we want to see your friendly face at this one.

We are trying to contact as many graduates as possible to get the best turnout ever.
The Reseda reunion committee (Dan Shudo, Glenn Kurosaki, Jon Tsuchiyama, Kelly Tyson,
Julie Lagerwall, Michael Nikado, Randy Farber, Marietta Moyeda, Josie Edmonds, Nancy
Sellers, Tammy Graf, Dona Bunzel, myself and others) have put in many hours of
preparation and planning to pack this reunion full of memories, fun and excitement.

We hope you can make it and if not, that you will get word out to any 1977 grads you still have
contact with to let them know about the reunion.

Personally, I have really enjoyed getting to know my fellow classmates again. Who knew Nancy
was so funny, that Jon wouldn’t age a bit, that Julie is Kelly’s hairstylist and that they are as crazy
as ever and still get together all the time, that Tammy works for a private jet company, that Dan Shudo takes pictures of the rich and famous and makes TV commercials, that Randy wears a UCLA Bruin tie every day, that Glenn and Michael are still so sweet and nice, that Josie’s dog would have so many puppies, that Marietta’s daughter would receive Runner of the Year from the Daily News and that Dona and I would live right around the corner from each other and still be best friends after 30 years.

I can’t wait to see Mitch Popham, Robin Stark, Rochelle Sager, Melinda Richman, Elaine Silverman, Diane Stein, Jeff Schneider, Terry Heckman, John Monypenny, Dave and Dean Culton, Lori Cowley, some of who I have talked to directly and others who I have heard have been contacted and hope will come on September 8th.

As for me, I am living in Westchester, CA (just a few minutes from LAX and around the corner from Dona) with my pitbull mix dog Miranda. I work in Torrance at Photo Sciences Inc. We are a micro-lithography company specializing in micro-imaging of glass and metal parts for the semi-conductor and related industries. I am the Director of Production, so I make sure orders flow through the shop and ship on time. I have been at PSI for about 8 years. Previously, I worked for a (crazy) Psychiatrist at Cedar Sinai for a year, was part owner of a 24 hour answering service in Beverly Hills for 9 years, and was customer service manager for Brink’s Armored Transport and Laidlaw Bus Company (formerly Associated Bus Company, the buses we rode to Grad Night in 30 years ago) for many years.

Anyway, enough about me. What have you been up to???
We’d really like to know so drop us a line at
Keep up with our blogs:
Go to the reunion website for more info:

We look forward to seeing you there.


Debbie Mollner

Reseda Meeting, Send Photos Please!!!!!

Attendance: Glenn, Randy, Michael, Jon, Kelly, Debbie, Dona, Julie, Nancy, Daniel, Tammy, Marietta, and Hugh MacNair joined us for the first time.

Thanks Tammy Graf for the use of your conference room, the cookies, and the tour of Maguire Aviation.

Afterwards, Glenn brought us “Tres Leches” cake. And Michael provided Haagen Dazs.

If you have old photos we can use for the slide show, email them to by
July 11. Please send them as jpeg files. (example: reseda.jpg)

D. Shudo

Reseda Photo Club

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