BFFL, no it’s not a new football league, 10/12/08

I was invited to the gathering of BFFL or
“Reseda’s Best Friends For Lunch Club .” (a.k.a. “The Divine Lunches of the Rah-Rah Sisterhood”).

Melinda Richman, Me, Debbie Mollner, Robin Stark, Dona Bunzel, Kelly Tyson, Julie Lagerwall. Photo taken 10/12/08 in socal.

We ate hot dogs, burgers, Debbie’s brownies, Julie’s potato salad, Melinda’s cookies, etc.

As I expected, it was loud. We exchanged past and present stories.
When I hear stories from our classmates about our Reseda days, it’s like I went to a different school. Learn something new every time we gather.
We went through the senior photos several times and wondered if some of the people actually attended Reseda or not.
And of course we talked about how much thinner we all were.

Thanks ladies, I had a great time.


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