Eric Zucker Memorial 4/12/08

Eric J. Zucker Memorial Service was held at the Montecillo de Leo Politi picnic area, Elysian Park. It was a beautiful setting. Many great stories of Eric. Thank you Erin Kenney for sharing a song. Reseda 1977 classmates included: Glenn Kurosaki, Michael Nikaido, Julie Lagerwall, Joe Sandoval, Kelly Tyson, Tammy Graf, Erin Kenney, Kristen Sandifer, Randy Farber, Ray Hein, Trish Hereford, Lori Kelecy, Janet Moshin, Josie Edmonds, Jon Tsuchiyama, Kathee Boyer, Scott Kutner, Tundi Csiszar, Daniel Shudo, Eric Sokoloff. Other Reseda alumni: Alan Sahakangas ’73, Kimmo Sahakangas ’76, Eric’s brother Mark Zucker. Afterwards, some of us got together at a nearby restaurant. It was cool listening to Eric’s amazing life and accomplishments after graduating Reseda. For more photos go to, and click the Eric 4.12.08 link at the top of the page.

Eric’s cross country teammates: Kimmo Sahakangas 76, Ray Hein, Daniel Shudo, Eric Sokoloff.

Tundi Csiszar, Tammy Graf

Jon Tsuchiyama, Erin Kenney. All photos taken 4.12.08, Los Angeles.


Daniel Shudo

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