Eric Zucker memories

Dear Fellow 1977 Reseda High Classmates:

I am sure you know by now that our classmate Eric Zucker passed away this weekend.

I posted this message on his website and our blog from his 1977 Reseda High classmates:

Although we all knew Eric Zucker in varying degrees and in our own ways, WE ALL KNEW ERIC.

Whether we were very close to him and had daily interactions or only saw him at reunions every 10 years, WE ALL KNEW ERIC.

He had a smile that would light up a room and a laugh that was infectious.

Whether we knew him as a friend or just a classmate. Whether we cheered his athletic prowess on the Cross Country Course or only were entertained by his antics as yell leader and King Regent on the sidelines of football games on friday nights, WE ALL KNEW ERIC.

He had a face you could never forget and the kind of character that you were honored to have known.

Whether he was debating his point with passion or just telling you the latest joke. Whether he was impressing you with his keen intellect or his overwhelming desire to help his fellow man, WE ALL KNEW ERIC.

What we don’t know is how his wife and family will be forever changed by his absence, how horribly his friends, co-workers and classmates will miss him, how many more people he would have touched and helped in his lifetime, how much more he would have done, how his grandchildren would have loved him.

What we do know is how blessed we all were to have known Eric and been touched by him in some way.


We will miss him terribly.

Debbie Mollner
1977 Reseda High School Classmate

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