Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash

Meeting Minutes of the Reseda 1977 Reunion and 50th B-Day Bash
Date: October 28, 2007
Location: Tony P’s Dockside Grill
Marina Del Rey
Attendance: Dona, Debbie, Kelly, Tammy, Dan, Michael and Glenn

1. Recap of the Reunion.
Discussion over the comments received from classmates and further discussion of everyone’s personal observations. The group concluded that judging from comments received and personal observations: (1) everyone attending looked better at the 30th than at the 20th or even the 10th year reunion; (2) everyone seemed to have more fun at the 30th; (3) the reception room was too small, and (4) The Reunion Committee, for the most part, did a very good job.

2. 50th B-Day Bash:
After reviewing the ballots cast on line and via ballot at the reunion, it was determined that our classmates overwhelming voted for having a 50th B-Day Bash in Las Vegas. After some discussion the group focused in on the logistical challenges posed by this choice. Some of the challenges discussed were lodging, meeting places and selecting one location to meet. Although Roger had mentioned several weeks ago knowing a restaurant in the Vegas area that could be a meeting place, the group discussion went further to discuss where and what we could do following dinner. After a protracted discussion, it was determined that such an event would be difficult to manage and to keep the group together.
Another alternative was discussed. At the reunion, Janet Moshin offered the use of her family’s winery along the Russian River for the event. Glenn informed the group that in his conversations with Janet subsequent to the reunion that her family winery could hold about 60 to 80 people comfortably. If the group were larger, she would recommend reserving a church retreat down the road from the winery to hold the event and even house some of our classmates. Glenn informed the group that the winery and the retreat are located between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg in the mountains west of the 101. The group generally liked the idea. Even though this was not one of the events or locations chosen by our classmates at the reunion, the group decided to take a more detailed look into this event and location since the offer was made after the class vote.
After all was said and done, the group decided as follows: (1) we will look into three ideas/locations (a) Moshin Vineyards/retreat, (b) a local location such as a hanger at Van Nuys Airport, and (c) Las Vegas. Tammy agreed to look into the local hanger idea and Glenn agreed to call and work with Janet to develop costs for the wine country trip. Vegas will be Vegas and we will discuss this at the next meeting.
The group decided to call another meeting mid January to early February to compare notes and costs of each alternative. The meeting will be held in the Valley so we can hopefully include more classmates to participate in the planning of this event.

Glenn Kurosaki

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