Reunion Thoughts

Finally after a year of planning, the big day arrived.
I checked into the Sheraton around 3:30pm.
Went to the ballroom around 5pm to set up the displays.
Returned around 6:30pm to the Studio Ballroom.
Checked in, had my photo taken and started mingling.
We do not have a final count, but we think around 120 classmates and 50 guests showed up. For the next 90 minutes, we took photos, drank, and chatted. It was packed in the reception area, kinda warm.
Everyone was dressed well.
There was a lot of cleavage, no kidding, ask anyone who attended.
Around 8pm, we entered the dining room.
Glenn and Jon, gave welcoming speeches. (Jon you are the classic “halftime announcer”).
We ate. I finally encountered the “jumbo cookies”. They were not that big.
I will give it an “XL” at the most.
After dinner, we had a raffle, gifts were donated by Reseda Reunion Committee Members.
Wine, CD’s, gift cards, gift baskets.
Nancy announced the questionnaire awards.
Some danced, more drinking, much photo taking. Our classmates had some nice cameras.
The reunion ended around 1am.

I had a real good time. After the reunion, I couldn’t unwind, didn’t sleep til 3am.
I am sorry that I did not get to speak with many of you.

I met Kris, Diane, Karen, Ray, Trish, and Ron for breakfast at the Sheraton. After many more goodbyes,
Ron and I headed to the Saddle Ranch Chop House at City Walk (part of Universal Studios) for the brunch.
Around 30 came.

Then, more goodbyes.

Classmates came from far, far, away: Georgia, Hawaii, Missouri, Washington State, Florida, Nevada, Montana, Massachusetts, Oregon, Virginia, Colorado, Arizona, and all over California.
For some classmates, it was their first Reseda Reunion.
The cool thing for me is meeting classmates who I did not know at Reseda.
Classmate occupations: doctor, attorney, motion picture industry, entrepreneur, beauty, executive, college professor, advertising,real estate developer,
nursing, health care, pilot, firefighter, teacher.

Thanks everyone who attended and helped out.

Check my blogs once in while to see what is happening for the 50th Birthday Bash. (Yes, we know some of you skipped a grade, born in 1960, stop bragging)

Please send questions to (this mail box is checked by different classmates).

Send photos to me at, and try to ID who is in it.

I will post reunion photos at

Start your own blogs, myspace, etc. Most of them, like this blog, is FREE!!!! We can link them together. Ask anyone 13-22 years old how to “blog”.

One of my newest Reseda friends, Deborah said it well, “I’m glad I went to Reseda”

Good night for now.

Daniel Shudo
Class of 1977
Reseda Reunion Committee and helpers. Kris Nobben is missing.
The day after at the Sheraton: Kris Nobben, Diane Billie, Trish Hereford, and Ray Hein looking cool (yes, it really is Ray Hein)

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